About the Pattern

I've got rather fed up with just using my lovely Blue Faced Leicester superwash sock yarn for socks, so before eventhe Americans came up with their "think outside the sox" motto I decided to make a sweater.

As you can see the end result was very pleasing (well it was to me anyway !). Alternatively, any of my other sockweight yarns would be suitable to use.

The colourway used here in the Superwash Sock is called Neptune's Retreat. This is a colourway that I do repeat so it is often available in all the sockweight yarns, but if not you have only to ask...................

The garment is a one-size to fit up to a UK size 16 (US 14) bust size up to 40 inches.

How it's done

I made this jumper using 400 grams of handpainted Woolhunter BFL Superwash sock yarn.

This will make a one-size jumper for up to bust size 40 inches (snug fit !).

P.S. I can't promise that the yarn will knit up to this effect - it very much depends on the colourway used and most of all your tensions!


This version was made by Dawn using Woolhunter Luxxie Sock yarn in colourway Hot Chilli Pickles.

I think it looks wonderful !

This pattern is for sale from the Woolhunter shop. I can either send it through the post or electronically in pdf format.

Note - pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available as a free download from the Adobe website by clicking here. Note that this file is about 20Mb !

If you can't find what you are looking for or you have a question about this pattern or for suggestions for other yarns that might be suitable for this pattern please contact me via the Feedback Form as I may be working on something. More patterns will follow in the near future as soon as my fingers can knit them and then type them out so please do visit again soon.

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