About the Pattern

This lovely textured scarf was made for my friend Lou's 40th Birthday.

It is knitted lengthways to simulate the rough and windy seas we get here in Pembrokeshire in the Winter.

Here I have used my own Blue Faced Leicester Chunky Flame yarn and knitted it on large needles using a classic feather/fan pattern which gives it the "wavy" effect you can see in the pictures.

The colourway used in the pictures is called Mara which is Scots Gaelic for sea or ocean.

How it's done

I made this scarf using about 200 grams of Woolhunter 4ply Blue Faced Leicester Chunky Flame yarn but any other Woolhunter Chunky weight yarn will do equally as well.

Tension/Gauge is unimportant and I suggest that you should use 8 mm/US 11 needles.

This pattern is for sale from the Woolhunter shop. I can either send it through the post or electronically in pdf format.

Note - pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is available as a free download from the Adobe website by clicking here. Note that this file is about 20Mb !

If you can't find what you are looking for or you have a question about this pattern or for suggestions for other yarns that might be suitable for this pattern please contact me via the Feedback Form as I may be working on something. More patterns will follow in the near future as soon as my fingers can knit them and then type them out so please do visit again soon.

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