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My name is Jan, a.k.a. The Woolhunter and I have been knitting for - well lets just say quite a few years now. Around 2006 I went into semi-retirement after a long illness and sitting at home getting totally bored I started to purchase and import yarns from around the world. Originally they were just for my own use but I started to realise that there were a lot of like-minded knitters out there and I started to offer them for sale on ebay.

One thing led to another and eventually I starting dyeing my own yarns in January 2007. They have grown in popularity and I am now able to offer them direct from the shop here on my web site. As I tend to dye in small batches there are always new colourways for sale. Most colourways are not repeated and this keeps the real spirit of the "indie" dyer alive and also makes my yarn very unique! Have a browse and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of the yarns. I am also happy to custom dye and I welcome trade enquiries.

I also hold a small stock of Lorna's Laces Yarns although once these are sold I will not be replacing them due to the prohibitive customs charges.

I have a budget range of yarns as well as my standard yarns some in smaller skein sizes. To look at yarns that are only available in my ebay shop please use the following link:- Woolhunter Yarns ebay shop.

I also have a group on the knitting site Ravelry where you can also go to ask questions, get more news, free patterns, and compare your creations or just generally have a chat. Please do join us.

And this is the real me in one of my many creations!

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January 28th 2013


HI one and all

I haven't posted for such a long time I know.

I've finally decided after much careful thought that at the end of my financial year, I shall not continue with Woolhunter Yarns for the time being.

This has been a difficult decision for me to make but since my operation last year my health has continued to dog me and I no longer feel able to go on with the rigours of running a business and all the dedication that it involves any longer. Sad I know, but I had fun along the way. Maybe at some time in the future if things change, I may go back to dyeing again.
I'm still knitting and designing and gradually adding those designs to Ravelry and the shop will be open as long at the existing stock lasts until the financial year end. I would like to thank everyone that has supported me since I started in 2007 and many of you who have become great e-pals as a result. My group and my page on Ravelry remains unchanged. At some stage also I will have a de-stash onto my ebay shop so do look out for that. With sadness to be giving up but its time for another chapter in my life. Much love, hugs and thanks to you all - Jan xxx

Patterns/Projects - Recently Finished

As promised, pictures of the new projects. The finished patterns are available in pdf format downloads from Ravelry. There are also further pictures of these garments here too. (To see them click on the Ravelry link above).

The first picture is my Little Princess Shetland Shawl. This has been made for my new niece who is on the way. It takes 200 grams of my Outback Sock - 100% Superwash Merino. The pattern has been fully tested by a kind e-pal and customer who made one for her grandaughter.

The second picture is my Bird of Paradise shoulder shawl, crescent shaped neck scarf thingy! This takes just 50 grams of my 800 metre laceweight yarn. I have now published a version using sockweight yarn which again takes just one skein. A very versatile garment indeed.

The third picture my Le Weekend shawlette so called because it took me just a weekend to make. It takes 70 grams of sockweight yarn but it is possible to knit it longer using further pattern repeats. This is proving a popular make on Ravelry and this pattern has again been fully tested by willing Ravelry members - a big thank you to you!

Little Princess Shawl


Little Princess Shawl

A square Shetland Shawl suitable for a newborn.

Bird of Paradise Shawl


Bird of Paradise

An extremely versatile scarf/shoulder shawl

Le Weekend


Le Weekend

Another one skein wonder but a super accessory for the winter.

More updates coming soon !

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