Mary's Projects

Garment - Mary's Socks

This scrummy sock was knitted by Mary from Cheshire.

She made this sock (actually a pair of socks !) using my Luxxie Sock yarn in a colourway called Moon On The Water.

I love the way the colours have "banded up" on the cuff section and then made their own stripes on the foot - anyhow my feet feel warmer just looking at them !

Mary says she's currently making about 2 pairs a week - I wish I knew how she had the time to fit all the knitting in and do a full time job - can you tell me your secret please?

Garment - Mary's Second Socks

This time I custom dyed a yarn for Mary based on my Berrylicious. As with all handpainted yarn it is impossible to get each batch identical to previous batches so this one morphed a bit into something called Super Berry O'nation. (Don't ask about the name - its jut one of those things). She used SWT Co's Serendipity pattern which she tells me you can download for three dollars from their website.

Mary is a nursing sister and will be wowing the general public wearing these on her Christmas Day 2008 shift! They certainly will be a salve for sore eyes.

Well done Mary!

Garment - Mary's Third Socks

This time Mary used some of my BFL 7525 sock yarn in a colourway called Counting More Sheep. She used a free pattern from Knitting Pattern Central called Lesley's socks. I love the way the colours this time have gone into thick stripes.

I don't know how Mary manages to combine her busy working life with knitting socks so quickly! She tells me she even knits a few rounds whilst she's waiting for the dinner to cook. Now that's what I call dedication!

You put me to shame.............

Garment - Hippy Chick Mary

This is another of many projects from a most prolific knitter. Here Mary is using my BFL Superwash sock yarn in Hippy Chick. The pattern she is using here is my High Sierra.

As well as being a great knitter Mary also does quiliting in her spare time. I already posted a "work in progress" picture of these socks, here is the finished article.

Garment - Girl About Town Socks

This is the latest of many projects from Mary. Here Mary is using my Luxxie sock yarn in colourway Girl About Town. I'm not sure what pattern Mary used here.

They are certainly very bright !

Garment - BJ's Socks

Another pair of socks from Mary. Here she is using my BFL 7525 sock yarn in colourway Mother of Purl. I'm not sure what pattern Mary used here.

As you can see they have turned out a little big for BJ so Mary is modelling them with some assistance from BJ. He seems to approve !

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