Karin's Projects

Garment - Emily's cardigan

This lovely looking cardigan was knitted by my friend Karin for her 6 year old god-daughter Emily.

She made it using some of my Woolhunter Almerboo Aran yarn in a colourway called "Bon Bon".

I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure Emily looks very pretty in it.

Well done Karin !

Garment - Little Evie's Hoodie

This lovely looking child's "hoodie" was also knitted by Karin for her young grand-daughter Evie. The yarn was custom dyed for her so of course I named it after Evie. She made it using some of my Woolhunter Almerino DK (50% Alpaca and 50% Merino.

I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure Evie looks very pretty in it. I did ask Karin to make one for me, but she was less than impressed as she didn't particularly enjoy doing all the moss stitching on the hood for a young child's size - let alone an adult! Apparently she has now hidden the pattern in case other family members ask for one to be made for them!

Anyway I think it looks fab!

Garment - Beginner's Luck Socks

This pattern is ideal for a first try at socks. They are knit using my BFL DK wool and knit up fairly quickly on larger pins. The technique explained in the pattern makes them easy to do. Again these were made by Karin and she used a colourway here called Hippy Chick which is all the colours in the rainbow and keeps the imagination going wondering what colour is going to come next whilst knitting.

Karin knitted the cuff a little longer on her pair so that she was able to turn the cuff over. My next door neighbour has tried the pattern too and she had never knitted socks before and found the pattern easy.

Well done again Karin !

Garment - Tandoori Nights Shawl

Karin made this gorgeous shawl with my Luxxie sock in a colourway called Tandoori Nights.

I'm not sure whose pattern Karin used here but I think the result is simply stunning.

For once I'm just speechless.............

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