Jo's Projects

Garment - Tinkerbell Socks

These delightful socks were made using my Gator Bait pattern by local Pembrokeshire customer Jo who comes over to visit me to buy yarn. Jo is always on the hunt for new colourways - the brighter the better is Jo's motto!

The yarn used is Slinky Sock in Tinkerbell colourway. Slinky Sock yarn is a 50/50 mix of merino wool and tencel which gives the garments a lovely slinky sheen. Tencel is actually made from wood pulp so this is a real "eco" yarn.

Jo will actually take orders to knit socks for you. If you are interested please contact me and I can put you in touch with her.

Garment - Queen of the Night Socks

Again Jo used my Luxxie Sock yarn, this time another take on the Beginner's Luck pattern. I love the waythe colours have "puddled" up here.

Garment - Cherrylicious Socks

This time Jo used Luxxie Sock in Cherrylicious colourway. Jo was extremely experimental here - she used my Branching Out pattern made for DK weight yarn with a sock weight yarn.

RESULT - beautiful socks Jo for ladies with smaller sized feet!

I think Jo did a wonderful job on all three pairs and I am delighted to show them off for her!

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