Dawn's Projects

Garment - Button It! Waistcoat

Dawn lives in the heart of the Lake District (lucky girl!) and she has been busy on this spectacular waistcoat using my BFL DK in Hippy Chick. I love the way the yarn has knitted up here almost making an Argyle type pattern.

I met Dawn via my internet shop and after a lot of emails we found we had a lot in common other than just knitting. We got to meet up whilst on holiday in the Lakes. It felt like we'd known each other for years and we had an afternoon putting the world to rights whilst 'im indoors went walking with the Jack Pack!

Dawn helped me out with this pattern as my maths let me down when it came to working out where to place the buttonholes and Dawn has corrected this for me! It's wonderful Dawn.

Garment - Sock it to Me! Sweater

Dawn's latest project uses my Woolhunter Luxxie Sock yarn (80% Superwash Merino/20% Bamboo) in a custom dyed colourway called "Hot Chilli Pickles". I made this colourway with a picture of a jar of pickled peppers in mind. The reason for this particular colour is something to do with Dawn's surname......

The pattern here features a picot edge and lace border. Again Dawn is kindly checking the pattern for me as she goes along. What a clever girl!

You can see my version on the patterns page here. I used 100% BFL Superwash wool in a colour called Neptune's Retreat. I designed this pattern to prove it was possible to make other garments using sock yarn.

Garment - Dawn's Teddy

This time Dawn wows us with her Tiny Tessie "Tulips" Teddy. She wanted to use up some odds and ends from her stash and this is what she came up with. The reason for the Tulips is because Dawn made a pair of socks first using my BFL Superwash Sock in a colourway called - well would you believe - Tulips. She used the remainder here for clothes for the Teddy! Dawn, I want one - she's just so cute!

NOTE: My note to Santa via the website worked wonders. Dawn kindly gave me Tessie as a present for Xmas. She's now living on my desk where I can look at her daily! Thanks again Dawn.

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