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Lilly and Percy at Kilpaison, Pembrokeshire
Percy and Lilly on Kilpaison beach near Pembroke
Widget and stick
No stick too big for Widget
Percy in the snow
Percy having a run in the snow on the Preselis
Spud at Freshwater West
Spud on the beach at Freshwater West
Percy and Widget on the computer table
Percy and Widget holding an editorial meeting
Time for lunch
Percy and Lilly checking out what is for lunch
Percy at Barafundle
Percy auditioning for the role of Batdog at Barafundle
Spot the dog
Widget well camoflagued on the bed

This is my own, personal page and it shows some more photos of me and some information about who I am and what makes me tick.

Please feel free to write to the Jack Pack if you want some more information.

With stick

Hi! I'm Widget.

As you can see, I'm drop dead gorgeous. But you shouldn't be fooled because not only am I a pretty face, I'm also the brains around here.

It is also true that I am the only genuine Pembrokeian here as I was born on a smallholding in the village of Llawhaden in mid-Pembrokeshire on October 4th 1999. I came to live with Jan and Tony when I was about 6 weeks old.

Jan and Tony have names for me like "Sawn Off" (they seem to think I look like a collie with sawn off legs) and "Moving Hearth Rug" because of my beautiful coat (I don't mind that one too much !).

This photo was taken near Saddle Head in Pembrokeshire on July 3rd 2005.

Regal pose

Here I am sitting in the conservatory. Dad has just bought a new lens for his camera and is trying it out.

He has taken a good picture of me, I'll give him that. Must be luck !

Photo taken at home on June 5th 2010.

Camouflage Training

"Maybe if I stay very still they might not notice that I'm on the bed. After all it is very comfortable here !"

This photo was taken at home while I was trying to have a nap on October 3rd 2004.

In the Snow

Here I am having fun down on the Commons on one of the few times it snowed properly in Pembroke. This snow stuff is great and I really enjoy having a run in it. I wish we could have more of it.

Photo taken on the Commons in Pembroke on February 28th 2004.

In Scotland

Here I am demonstrating stick-carrying technique while on holiday in Scotland. The important thing to note here is the balance and poise at speed.

This isn't the best stick I've ever had as it is a bit "branchy" but it is perfectly acceptable. Although shape is important, the true connoisseur knows that, when assessing a stick, the single most important consideration really is size.

The magic formula is:

B I G = Good

This photo was taken while on holiday at Glen Errochty near Pitlochry on September 18th 2002.

Having a swim

My hobbies include barking, teaching Percy who's the boss, "greeting" the postman, finding sticks, swimming and barking. I do really like the occasional bone when I can get one away from the stomach-on-legs that is called Percy.

Please also remember that I won the 2004 Best Stick Carrying award on the Paws Gallery of and I got a mention in 2005 !

Here I am having a nice swim. I really enjoy a good swim, not only in summer but all year round. Swimming also helps to keep my coat in really good condition.

After all it's important for a girl to always look her best isn't it ?

This photo was taken at Bullslaughter Bay near Castlemartin on August 25th 2002.

Widget the Pup

Oh I say, this really is very embarassing ! Where did they find this photo from ?

This is a photo of me when I first went to live with Jan and Tony, I can't have been more than 6 weeks old here......

Photo taken at home in November 1999.

Regretfully, on June 24th 2013 Widget had to hang up her lead and collar and put down her editor's pen when she died after, fortunately, a short illness. We all hope she is happily walking the fells, having a good bark-up and finding sticks in doggie heaven. RIP Widget.


28th August 2016

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