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My Bark - Percy

All about me !

Lilly and Percy at Kilpaison, Pembrokeshire
Percy and Lilly on Kilpaison beach near Pembroke
Widget and stick
No stick too big for Widget
Percy in the snow
Percy having a run in the snow on the Preselis
Spud at Freshwater West
Spud on the beach at Freshwater West
Percy and Widget on the computer table
Percy and Widget holding an editorial meeting
Time for lunch
Percy and Lilly checking out what is for lunch
Percy at Barafundle
Percy auditioning for the role of Batdog at Barafundle
Spot the dog
Widget well camoflagued on the bed

This is my personal page and it shows some more photos of me and some information about who I am and what makes me tick.

Please feel free to write to me if you want some more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Handsome Percy

Hello there! My name is Percy.

I was born on July 21st 2005 on a farm in the village of Red Roses which is just over the border from Pembrokeshire in Carmarthenshire.

Jan and Tony, whose miserable lives I brighten up no end, are very unkind to me. They call me names like "Thug" and "Greaseproof" (this latter name is due to a misunderstanding between me and Mum which involved a Christmas Pudding. It is probably for the best that we don't go into the exact details of the repercussions of this misunderstanding here).

On guard

People think being a dog is an easy life but if you're a conscientious guard dog like me you have to be ever vigilant. Here I am keeping an eye on what is going on outside - just in case !

This photo was taken at home on September 18th 2015.

Favourite occupation

Oh wow, now this is what I call a chew stick and a half ! I'm really enjoying this.

This photo was taken at home on April 4th 2008.

Posing for a centrefold

My hobbies include eating, going for walks, eating, taking sticks off Widget, eating, sleeping, rolling in anything that smells interesting and eating. Did I mention that I really enjoy a good meal as well (which I don't get halfway often enough) and I nearly forgot to say that I absolutely adore a lovely, juicy bone !

I am also the world's leading canine feng shui master but Tony and Jan really don't appreciate my efforts ! They just move everything back into the places that they came from originally.

P.S. You haven't got any biscuits by any chance ? I haven't had a decent meal in ages.

This photo shows me trying to get some shuteye at home and was taken on May 23rd 2007.

Down a hole

I know he's down here somewhere, I can smell him. Come out you coward and face me.......

You can't get the standard of rabbit these days !

This photo was taken above Broad Haven (South) Beach on March 18th 2007.


This is me in action on Penally beach and I nearly got the little ****** !

It's really not fair. Why should they be able to fly when I can't ? Never mind, at least I taught him that you can't mess with big Percy.

It's all about respect, he just didn't respect me so I had to show him who was boss !

This photo was taken on Penally Beach on January 6th 2007.

Percy the Pup

This is me on the day I went to live with Jan and Tony. I was 3 months old then, wasn't I a handsome lad ?

This photo was taken at home on October 23rd 2005.

In view of my increasing fame I have decided to make myself available for selected modelling shoots and I have appointed Jan as my agent with the authority to conduct all negotiations on my behalf.

As befits my supermodel status, you must agree to meet my normal terms and conditions concerning the supply of an adequate quantity of meals, bones, biscuits, chew sticks, water, long walkies and nap breaks with a suitable bed. There must also be a supply of emergency biscuits on hand on the set at all times !

I am totally opposed to size 0 models.


28th August 2016

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