The Jack Pack in action - 2013

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2013.

We have now built up a bit of a back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

A distinctly smelly Percy

Tuesday January 1st

Firstly we would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year !

It is nice and clear today and Dad has brought us out to Stackpole Quay for a walk. On the path over to Bosherston I found this really nice aromatic patch so I thought that as it was a New Year I should get done up all doggy ! Dad didn't seem too pleased for some reason.

Dad put Percy in the bath when we got home, how I laughed !

Sunday January 13th

Great News !
Mum decided to treat us to a weekend away for Dad's birthday. They found us a nice cottage just outside the town of Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons and we had a great weekend including a good walk on Sugar Loaf.

You're right Widge it was a good weekend. Here we're just giving the cottage garden the once over just to be on the safe side. You can't be too careful these days !

Outside Chateau Cottage
My new basket

Sunday February 3rd

Percy, this is my new bed. Go and find your own !

Ooops, time to sling my hook. Widget gets very funny about things like that. I'll never understand females......

Monday February 4th

I am so excited ! Mum and Dad have just told us that we are going away for the weekend again this weekend. Apparently it is Mum's birthday this time and we're going away to celebrate. We're going to Gloucestershire and that is somewhere new for the Jack Pack so that is doubly exciting. I can't wait !

Friday February 8th

The first day of our weekend away for Mum's birthday. We're staying near the village of Uley but today we have come up to Painswick as it's one of Mum's favourites. Here we're looking around the church yard where there are allegedly 99 trees.

With Mum in Painswick church yard
Having a run on Broad Haven (North) beach

Friday February 22nd

Today we're having a run on Broad Haven beach. Apparently there are two Broad Havens in Pembrokeshire and this is not the one we normally go to. I thought it didn't look familiar but why don't they give it another name ?

Oh dear, I think we may have confused Percy. Still that doesn't take much !

Saturday March 2nd

Come on Widge ! Let's have a game of tugs !

Percy, you just want to nick my stick. Go find your own !

New Quay bay near St Govan's Head
With Dad at West Angle Bay

Sunday March 17th

We've just had a lovely walk around Angle with Dad including a good run on the beach behind. That's what I call a good day.

Did anyone bring any biscuits ? I could eat a horse................

Monday April 15th

It's holiday time again ! Mum and Dad have just told us that we are going up to the Lake District for a week. We're actually going to a place called Broughton in Furness and we haven't been there before so it will be a bit of an adventure. Roll on Friday.....

Tuesday April 23rd

I haven't been feeling too well recently and Dad had to take me to see the vet in Broughton yesterday. The vet has put me on some different tablets for my heart and I feel a little better today.
Dad took Percy out for a walk this morning and now we've all come out for a drive over to Coniston and we've stopped here by the side of the lake for a bit of a walk and a paddle.
As soon as I got here I found this rather nice stick.

Another day, another stick

Thursday April 25th

Today is the last day of our holiday and the weather hasn't been too good so this afternoon we've come back to Coniston and had a little walk and once again we've stopped at the side of the lake.
I thought I found a nice stick on Tuesday but this really is a beauty !

Monday May 6th

We're back home now and Dad has got the day off as it is a Bank Holiday so we've come down to Kilpaison for a run on the beach. I really enjoy playing "Fetch" with a good tennis ball and there is plenty of room here for that.
Come on Dad, throw it !

Playing ball at Kilpaison
Having a good chew

Monday May 27th

Mum and Dad have given Percy and me a nice dear ear each to have a chew on. We love dear ears, they're really tasty so we are really enjoying this.

Monday June 10th

Wow ! It only seems like ten minutes ago that we came home from Broughton in Furness but this weekend we're going away again ! Mum and Dad have booked us a cottage in Glen Clova in the east of Scotland for a whole two weeks. None of us have ever been there before so it's a voyage of discovery for everyone. If the weather is good we should get some nice walks in. Here's hoping !

Monday June 17th

We've driven up to the end of the valley and parked at the Forestry Commission car park at Glen Doll and from there we started off on a forest track but we carried on going and followed the River South Esk for quite a way. It was really nice and I was able to go in the stream when I got a bit hot. This is the longest walk I have done for quite some time.
Here is a photo of Percy and me with Mum when we got back to the car park.

At the Glen Doll car park
Percy at Loch Wharral

Wednesday June 19th

Unfortunately Widget isn't feeling too well so Dad and I have come out for a walk on Ben Tirran alone. Here I am by Loch Wharral before we do the final climb up to the summit of Ben Tirran. After that we'll walk round to Loch Brandy and descend to the Glen Clova Hotel before walking back along the road to the cottage.

Thursday June 20th

Widget still doesn't feel too good so we went out for a little bit of a drive. Here we are at Gella Bridge near the entrance to Glen Clova and Widget and I are having a paddle as it is quite warm.

The Jack Pack at the Gella Bridge car park
Widget at Lunan Bay

Friday June 21st

As Percy said I haven't been feeling too well for the last few days so Mum and Dad took me to see the vet this morning and he gave me an injection. They then said that they would take us to the beach so we have ended up here at Lunan Bay between Arbroath and Stonehaven and by the time I got here I felt a lot better so we went for a walk along the beach and, as luck would have it, I found this nice stick as soon as I went onto the beach.
This is lovely !

Tuesday June 25th

I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Over the course of the weekend Widget got very poorly and by yesterday afternoon she had virtually no control over her back legs. Mum and Dad and I took her to the vet but the outlook wasn't good and they reluctantly made the decision that it would be kinder to put her to sleep.
We all miss her so much. Rest in peace Widget.

Jan and Percy at Loch Heath
Tony and Percy at Loch Heath

Wednesday June 26th

Today we've been up to Braemar and had a lovely walk along the Dee Valley from Linn of Dee. On the way back to the cottage we saw this sign for "The Caterthuns" so Mum and Dad decided to go and have a look at what they were. Here I am with Mum on the White Caterthun which turns out to be the remains of an Iron Age settlement/fort.
As you can see there is a fair old view from up here !

Jan and Percy on the White Caterthun

Saturday July 6th

We're back home now and the house seems very strange without Widget.
Mum and Dad have talked it over and have decided that the Jack Pack needs to be brought up to strength so tomorrow we are going to go to Many Tears Animal Rescue near Llanelli to see if we can offer a home to a dog that is a bit down on his or her luck.
Here's hoping......

Lilly with her new family

Sunday July 7th

Here she is with Dad and me in the conservatory at home. Let me introduce Lilly !
We saw one other Jack Russell first but she didn't seem to like me for some reason so Mum and Dad asked if we could she this young lady and we hit it off immediately so here we are.............

Saturday July 20th

Today we've brought Lilly down to Kilpaison so she can see the sea and a beach. We had a great run and a bit of a paddle to cool down when we got to the sea (the tide was out and Kilpaison is quite shallow).
That Lilly can't half run. I feel pooped just thinking about it !

Lilly and Percy on the beach at Kilpaison
With Mum at Pontfaen

Saturday August 31st

Here I am with Mum and Percy at Pontfaen in the Gwaun Valley in north Pembrokeshire.
It was a lovely day and we all had a really nice walk. It was very strange at first but I am settling in with Mum, Dad and Percy now and enjoying life with them. We get lots of nice walkies and the grub is good too and I've got lots of nice toys.

Saturday September 14th

It's September so that means a holiday in Keswick ! Lilly has never been to the Lake District so she doesn't know what a treat is in store for her. We're staying in a new cottage this year as Baxter's Retreat has been sold. That's a shame as it was had all a dog needed. Still I'm sure that Mum and Dad have found somewhere equally as good.
Keswick here we come !

I've heard a lot about the Lake District and I'm really looking forward to going there. It's all very exciting !

Wednesday September 18th

Well the first three days of our holiday have been fairly miserable, it chucked it down virtually all the time so were we ever glad when we saw it wasn't raining this morning. The cloud base is still fairly low so we can't do any fells but Mum and Dad thought we could get a good walk in along the track at Ennerdale.

I didn't think it was too bad, we got walks in the park but this is a lot better. If this is what a holiday is then I think we should have them more often !

Lilly and Percy in Ennerdale
Descending Hindscarth

Saturday September 21st

Here I am on my first proper Lake District fell walk and I love it. Now I understand why Percy got so excited before we came away !
Steve, a friend of Mum and Dad's, has come over to visit and he's come out for a walk over High Spy, Dale Head and Hindscarth with Dad, Percy and me. We were in cloud for a lot of the walk but look at that view now. Cracking !

Sunday September 22nd

I really enjoyed our walk yesterday and I was delighted when Dad and Steve got their gear together this morning and then loaded Percy and me into the car. Today we had a walk over Causey Pike which isn't too far from where we were yesterday and, better still, we were below the clouds all day. Yes, I think I could really get to enjoy this fell walking lark !

In this photo we're at the lunch time stop and we're checking out what Steve has brought for us. This is on the basis that Dad is in the habit of forgetting our lunch !

Lunch stop below Causey Pike
With Mum at Rosthwaite

Wednesday September 25th

Today we've come down to the end of Borrowdale and we are walking alongside the river. Here we're having a short break and admiring the view along the river.

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