The Jack Pack in action - 2012

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2012.

We have now built up a bit of a back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

A run On Penally beach

Friday January 13th

Firstly we would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year !

The weather hasn't been too good recently and we haven't been able to get out for a good run but today is nice and clear and Mum and Dad have brought us out to Penally. As we've said before we love Penally beach as it is so big and there isn't normally many people there in winter. Great, this is blowing the cobwebs away !
Come on Widge, last one to reach Dad is a poodle !

Sunday January 15th

Great Stuff !
Not only did we have a good run at Penally on Friday but today Mum and Dad have brought us out to Whitesands near St Davids. We haven't been out here for absolutely ages and despite the fact that it's blowing an absolute hoolie we're having a great walk around St David's Head and Carn Llidi (which you can see behind me in the picture). Lovely job !

Out at St Davids Head
A run On Amroth beach

Saturday January 21st

This just gets better, this morning we're down on Amroth beach. Once again it is blowing a really cold wind but Jack Russells are tough and we're keeping nice and warm running around here.
Any chance of another walk tomorrow Dad ?

Friday January 27th

Usain Bolt ? I bet he can't run half as fast as me !
Here I am on the beach at Wiseman's Bridge. It's a lovely day and I just fancied having a run.

A run at Wisemans Bridge

Tuesday January 31st

Great Stuff !
Some good news. Mum and Dad have finally got their collective act together and decided on a holiday for us all. Apparently we're going back to Scotland again this year in June and we're going to visit Angus and we'll be staying in Glen Clova. They've heard back from the lady that owns the cottage tonight and it's all booked. Yippee !

Yeah, it's great news Widge, but exactly who is Angus ? I didn't know Mum or Dad had Scottish relatives or is he a Scottie or a Westie or something like that ?

Maybe we'll see a haggis this year............

Monday March 5th

Well after a quiet February we had a really good weekend. They got up as normal on Saturday but, instead of faffing about for half the morning, we got away fairly early and went over to Solva. Dad took us for a nice walk up along the Gribin and down to the bay on the other side and then up onto the headland. We had a nice run on the headland while Dad took some photos before we went back down to the bay. Widgie went and had a paddle, not me though it was freezing !

On Sunday we got out fairly early and went over to Dale. It was low tide so Dad took us for a walk all the way round the bay towards St Ishmaels. Once again Widgie spent half the time in the water but it was a bit warmer today so I had a bit of a paddle as well. We were just settling down in our crates for the journey home when they decided to stop at St Brides Bay so we got a second run. This just doesn't normally happen so we made the most of it and had a nice run down on the beach there.

A wonderful weekend, can we do it again soon ? Please !

On the Gribin above Solva

Saturday March 3rd

Here is a photo of our walk at Solva. From the car park we walked up onto the Gribin, down onto the bay behind us in the photo and round the headland on the other side. We had a nice play on the beach and, you won't be surprised to hear, Widget went for a swim. She must be barking because it was freezing.
But it was a nice walk so no complaints !

Sunday March 11th

Oh wow ! Mum has given me this lovely Parma Ham bone to have a chew on. I love bones and this one is really tasty. I have to be really careful though as Widget will nick it if I let my guard up.
Right then, where was I ?

With my bone in the garden
On the breakwater at Porthclais

Sunday March 18th

Here I am on the breakwater at Porthclais near St David's. We had just been caught out in the most torrential downpour and we all got soaking wet except for Widget who was already wet as she had been for a swim - no surprise there !
After we left Porthclais they took us down to Caerfai Bay and we got another walk there. This is great.

Wednesday April 18th

Mum and Dad have bought this really lovely rug for our conservatory and I really enjoy having a snooze on it especially when the sun is out but today they are moving some stuff about and they have rolled it up. That means it's even more comfortable. Oh yes, heaven !
Right, time for a zizz.

Lap of luxury
Come on Percy you wimp

Saturday April 21st

Come on Percy, let's have a swim, I dare you !
Percy really is a wimp when it comes to water and I enjoy teasing him. Dad has brought us for a really lovely run down at Freshwater West, it's lovely and warm and there are plenty of rock pools about.

Saturday April 21st

Oh no ! Tragedy !

Shortly after taking the photo above of Widgie and me in the rock pool Dad slipped on some seaweed and dropped the camera into another rockpool. Dad says the camera is now ka-put. Apparently that means there won't be many photos of us until he gets a new one, but it was a bit funny seeing Dad virtually on his hands and knees in a rockpool, we did snigger ! What a plonker !

What does ka-put mean Widge ?

Sunday May 6th

That little (!) tea-leaf Percy is trying to half-inch my stick again, why he can't go and find his own I don't know.
Here we are along the path from Haverfordwest to Uzmaston, this is new for us and we like it. We'll have to come here again.
Right Percy, let go, this is my stick........

Tug of war

Tuesday May 15th

Tonight we got "Frontlined". It's not a wonderful lot of fun having it done and the stuff stinks but we do know that it means that holiday time is getting near so that's good news. I do notice though that Mum and Dad never put any Frontline on themselves. If it's that good then why not ?

My new best stick at Pendine

Saturday May 19th

Here we are with Mum and Auntie Lynne at Pendine having a good run and wow, look at this stick ! Are we going to play tugs Mum ?

Looks like fun, can I have a game as well ?

Wednesday May 30th

Bad news ! Mum has been feeling poorly for a while now and she has had to go into a hospital (apparently that's the name for a place where they have human vets) today to make her better. We miss you Mum, get well and come back soon !

Woofs and licks Mum !

Monday June 4th

Is it still raining ? Will it never stop ?
We'd really like to get out and have a walk but there doesn't appear to be much chance of that today !
Oh well, back to the nap, where was I ?

Raining again
A run at last

Sunday June 17th

At last, a decent day and Dad has got off his bum and brought us out for a good run. Bliss !

Here we are at Flimston which is close to Stack Rocks near Castlemartin. (I gave Widget a head start of course......)

Wednesday June 27th

Woof ! As Mum is feeling a little bit better now we're going to go away on holiday for a couple of weeks on Saturday. We're having a week at Elterwater in the Langdale valley in the Lake District and then we're going to have a week just outside Llanberis in Snowdonia. We've been to the Lakes and Elterwater many times before and we love it there. Lots of wonderful walks just right for Jack Russells. Neither of us has ever been to Snowdonia before, apart from the weekend last November, but if Llanberis is anything like that then we'll enjoy that as well.

Roll on Saturday !

Tuesday July 3rd

Well, it has been a fairly wet start to our holiday in the Lakes. Today didn't look any more promising but Mum and Dad decided to head down to Coniston and it is a lot brighter here.
We've come up onto the Walna Scar road and here we're sat with Mum and the bridge over the outfall stream from Goats Water. It's been a great walk.
Right, now you've taken the photo can we get going again ?

With Mum on Walna Scar
A great stick at Blea Tarn

Thursday July 5th

The one thing missing from Tuesday's walk was that there weren't any decent sticks. Today Mum and Dad have brought us to Blea Tarn at the end of Great Langdale. We've been here before and we like it cause it has just about everything we need in a good walk, sticks, a good path, some shade and somewhere for a good swim. Heaven !

Just to prove the point here is the stick I found, what a beauty !

Thursday July 12th

It has been an absolutely glorious day today and we'come over to Rhyd Ddu near Beddgelert and we've climbed Mynydd Mawr which was a bit of a slog but it was a cracking walk along the ridge up to the summit. Best walk this week definitely.
Here we've stopped on the way back down just before the path enters the woods and I am admiring the view towards Moel Hebog. Can we come back here again Dad ?

Moel Hebog from Mynydd Mawr
My birthday bone

Sunday July 22nd

It was my seventh birthday yesterday but they didn't even seem to realise. I was a little bit down as I thought they had all forgotten but this morning that have given me this lovely Parma Ham bone. I'm really enjoying this.

Do you need any help with that at all Percy ?

Friday September 14th

At last we are going on holiday today, it felt like it was never going to arrive ! Once again we're going up to the Lake District and back to Baxter's Retreat in Keswick. We've been there five times before and we love it there. Lots of wonderful walks just right for Jack Russells.

I'm getting all excited Percy !

Saturday September 15th

Today is the first day of our holiday in the Lakes. As you can see it has been a lovely day and Dad has brought us out to climb Causey Pike.
Here we're on the summit with the rest of the summit ridge and Skiddaw and Blencathra behind us.
Cracking first day, if the rest of the holiday is half as good as this it's going to be a good one !

On the summit of Causey Pike
Where is lunch then Dad ?

Tuesday September 18th

After a long walk up Red Pike from Buttermere Percy and I were really looking forward to a couple of biscuits for lunch but when Dad got the lunch out he had the nerve to tell us that he'd left our biscuits behind at Baxter's ! We noted that Old Porky didn't forget his lunch, what a liberty !

Yeah, it was disgraceful. I was wasting away by the time I got back to Baxter's !

Saturday September 22nd

This weekend our Uncle Steve has come to visit us and he's come out for a walk with us. Today we've come to Back O' Skidda and we're doing a nice walk there.
Here we're on the summit of High Pike with Steve.
Hurry up Dad, it must be lunchtime !

With Steve on the summit of High Pike

Friday November 30th

Good news ! Mum and Dad have told us that Dad still has another week's holiday to take and that we are going away next Friday. Apparently we're going to Somerset which will be new for us. I'm really looking forward to it.

Yeah it's great news, let's hope we get some good weather !

With Dad at Camelot View

Friday December 7th

Here we are with Dad after the journey from Pembroke to South Cadbury at the start of what turned out to be a very good week.

Sunday December 9th

Mum and Dad have brought us down to Weymouth. We had a walk on Chesil beach which was nice but it was all stones and not at all like the sandy beaches we're used to in Pembrokeshire.
Still mustn't complain. It is nice to have a walk somewhere different and it isn't raining.

On the path alongside Chesil Beach
With Mum above Durdle Door

Monday December 10th

This time we're with Mum above Durdle Door. Another good walk, this is great !

Wednesday December 12th

Today we have come down to Lyme Regis and Dad has taken us for another good walk on the beach. Here we're walking on the Cobb.
Dad keeps muttering something about a French Lieutenant. We're not sure what he is talking about.............

On the Cobb at Lyme Regis
Looking for my present

Wednesday December 19th

Right then let's see. Have they got me a present. They must have surely !

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