The Jack Pack in action - 2011

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2011.

We have now built up a bit of a back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

On Freshwater West beach

Monday January 3rd

Hello there and we hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year !

It's the last day of Dad's holiday and he's brought us for a run on Freshwater West beach. This is great, just the thing to blow those New Year cobwebs away !
Widget is playing with her stick (nothing new there then) in that pool. She must be mad, it's chuffing freezing ! Still there aren't many people around so we're having a really good run. Shame Dad has to go back to work tomorrow !

Tuesday January 18th

Hello Everyone !
We haven't been able to get out much lately due to the weather (Mum and Dad are right wusses when it comes to rain !) but the weather forecast looks a bit better for the coming weekend and it's one of Dad's long weekends too, so here's hoping......

The good news is that Mum and Dad have booked a holiday ! We are going to Satterthwaite in the Lake District in March. Apparently Satterthwaite is on the edge of the Grizedale Forest and we went there for a walk a year or two back when we stayed in Ambleside so it should be a good trip. Roll on March.

Sunday January 23rd

When we got up this morning Percy and I weren't very hopeful as it was very grey and overcast but we were delighted when Mum and Dad got their boots and coats on after breakfast and put us in the car !
As soon as we got out of Pembroke the weather cleared up and we went down to Amroth. We haven't been down to Amroth for a while and it was absolutely wonderful. The tide was out and it was quite warm so we had a good run and a paddle in the rock pools as well.

A run on Amroth beach
A run on Newgale beach

Friday March 4th

Mum is off undergoing some "retail therapy" in Haverfordwest. We're a bit worried as we didn't realise she was poorly but Dad didn't seem too concerned and he has brought us down to Newgale for a good run on the beach.
We like Newgale because it is so big and we get a good run here. This time Dad has taken us up to the northern end of the beach where we haven't been before and it is really good up here as there are plenty of rock pools where I can have a good swim.

I guess the retail therapy must have worked because Mum seemed fine when we saw her later.

Wednesday March 9th

I'm getting all excited as our holiday in the Lakes is nearly here.

But Mum and Dad have told us that we're going away again in May ! This time we're going to Scotland which is somewhere I've never been. Widget says she went there a couple of times some years ago and has been telling me all about it. She says that people up there all throw sticks but that they're called cabers. It seems a funny name to me but they are obviously very welcoming. Also she tells me about some 3 legged animal called a haggis. She says the Scots all eat them so that sounds pretty good to me as well. I'm really looking forward to going to Scotland.

Tuesday March 22nd

Today we went on a really great walk round Tarn Hows and Holme Fell near Coniston. It's been a lovely day and we've really enjoyed the walk.
Here we are descending from Holme Fell to Yew Tree Tarn and we've found these wonderful sticks. Percy, love him, has started to get into sticks but I don't think we're ever going to be able to go out as a syncronised duo. Never mind, it's great fun !

Sticks above Yew Tree Tarn
In the Duddon Valley

Wednesday March 23rd

We've had a nice walk around Elterwater but now we've stopped off on the way back to the cottage in the Duddon Valley.
We've had a good play in the river and now we're wondering if there is any food going as Mum and Dad are sat down stuffing their faces...............

Tuesday April 5th

What a bummer !

We had a great time in the Lakes and didn't want to come home but ever since we've got home we've had really itchy skin. Mum took us to the vet today and it turns out that we have sarcoptic mange which we probably caught from infected foxes in the Grizedale Forest. Apparently it is a mite that burrows into our skin to lay its eggs. Makes me itchy just thinking about it.

Anyway we have to have a bath in a special shampoo (boo, hiss !) and two doses of some stuff called Advocate and it will take about 3 weeks to clear up. As I said, what a bummer !

Friday April 15th

I found this great stick while we were on Freshwater West beach today and I got Dad to throw it for me so I could play Fetch. Being mean Dad threw it in this rock pool but I still went and got it. There's really nothing to this stick lark, I don't know why Widget keeps banging on about it so much. Still we had a great time !

With my stick on Freshwater West

Monday April 18th

Mum and Dad have just told us that next weekend is Easter and that Dad will get a four day weekend and, because they have got so many jobs done this weekend they are having a weekend off to go out and about walking if the weather is good. That sounds absolutely brilliant to us. Here's hoping !

Yipes, this gets better by the minute ! Apparently someone is getting married the week after and with the May Day Bank Holiday Dad will get another four day weekend. This is wonderful news as it means we should be up to full fitness ready for our trip to Scotland. All we need to do now is get Mum and Dad fit - but that might be a bit more difficult.

With Mum near St Ishmaels

Friday April 22nd

The first day of Dad's long weekend and we've come out for this lovely walk along the Milford Haven waterway near St Ishmaels. Here we are shortly after we started out with Mum. If the rest of the weekend is as good as this we'll have no complaints.

Sunday April 24th

Today Mum and Dad have brought us up to Llawhaden in mid Pembrokeshire to do this great walk along the banks of the Eastern Cleddau.
Here I am having a cool off in the river as it is really quite warm today.

Having a paddle in the Cleddau
On Llawhaden Bridge

Sunday April 24th

Here we are near the end of our walk on the bridge at Llawhaden. I've really enjoyed this walk not least because I was born here and it's a long time since I last came back.

Dad, have you got any dark glasses for us ? That shirt is a bit bright...............

Friday April 29th

Dad's second long weekend and it's off to a promising start as he's brought us out to Marloes while the wedding is going on. It's a beautiful day and there aren't many people about so we're having a great run. Come on Dad, hurry up !

Above Musselwick Sands
Having a swim at Bosherston

Saturday April 30th

Phew, it's even warmer today than yesterday ! The day didn't get off to a good start when they brought these noisy things home and proceeded to clip all my coat off - well it felt like all of it anyway ! I must be the laughing stock of Pembroke.
To make it up to me a bit Dad has brought us down to Stackpole for a walk in the woods up to Bosherston and back so that means I get to have a nice swim in the pool near Stackpole.

Sunday May 1st

Another new walk today, this is great ! Today we're out at Treffgarne having a walk around Treffgarne Mountain. I wasn't very hopeful at first but there aren't many people about and there's a lot of room for a run.
The icing on the cake is this great stick I've found. Wow !

With my stick on Treffgarne Mountain
Happiness is....a good bone

Sunday May 8th

Life doesn't get much better than this !
It's a lovely day and I've got this lovely Parma Ham bone to have a good chew. All this and the thought of our holiday next week too. What's wrong with a dog's life ?

Wednesday May 18th

Here we are out with Dad on a walk at Steall above Glen Nevis.

The weather hasn't been very good so we haven't got out quite as much as we'd have liked but we're having a nice walk here today and so far it's stayed dry and that's the most important thing. Maybe tomorrow will be better !

Steall, Glen Nevis
Morar Beach

Thursday May 19th

Here we are playing "stick" with Mum on the Silver Sands of Morar (I gave Widget a head start to make the chase more fun !).
We like beaches because we can have a good run on them and we have some good ones in Pembrokeshire but this one is amazing. Not only is it big enough to have a good run but there's virtually no one on it even on a beautiful day like today. Can we come here again ?

Wednesday May 25th

During the afternoon the weather has cleared up so Dad has brought us out for a walk on the Southern Upland Way near where we're staying at Lochinvar. We've just seen some frisky young cattle who started to crowd us a bit. For anyone other than roughy-toughy Jack Russells this might have been scary but not for us ! We weren't worried - honest !

Southern Upland Way near Lochinvar
Bruntis Loch, Kirroughtree Forest

Thursday May 26th

Here we are having a swim in Bruntis Loch which is part of the Kirroughtree Forest in southern Galloway.
Mum and Dad have brought us down here for a walk in the forest. It has been a nice walk and we haven't seen many people but it has been a bit warm and steamy so it was really good to get into the loch for a swim. Dad threw a stick in the loch but Widget got it and wouldn't share it as usual. She can be a right spoilsport.

Saturday June 4th

Well, that was our Scottish holiday. As Mum said, it was a bit like the curate's egg, good in parts. Still we got lots of good walkies so it can't have been too bad and we do still have a fortnight in the Lakes to look forward to......

What exactly is a curate's egg Widge ? Can you eat them ?
And Widge, I haven't seen any of those haggis thingies yet...........

Sunday June 5th

Look at this lovely lamb bone ! For once I've managed to get a bone away from Percy and am I ever enjoying it. It tastes absolutely wonderful.
Watch and weep, Percy !

Widget with bone
The all new shorn Widget

Sunday July 3rd

Yikes, I've been scalped and I didn't see a Red Indian anywhere !
Actually, Mum and Dad got the clippers out and gave my coat a trim. I don't much enjoy it but it does feel a lot cooler in this warm weather so I suppose it's not all bad.

Friday July 22nd

Here I am with a stick that I've found.
Widgie and I are out with Mum and Dad for a walk in Stackpole Woods. It is the holiday season and we can't go on the beach any more. Still this is good and I am quite enjoying this stick..........

Stackpole Woods
Charge !

Friday August 5th

Chaaarrrggggeee !
Right Percy you go to the left and I'll go to the right and we'll get him !

Sunday September 18th

Er Steve, exactly why am I up here ?

Percy and I are out with Dad and Steve for the first walk of our holiday. To be fair they've picked a good 'un, we're doing a circuit of Mardale Head taking in Harter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell and High Street.
In this photo I am pictured with Steve on the summit of High Street.

High Street summit
Helping Mum

Tuesday September 20th

Here I am with Mum outside Chapel Cottage in Helton during our holiday.
Mum is knitting a small shawl and I'm giving her the benefit of my extensive knowledge and expertise with a few tips and suggestions.

Sunday September 25th

Another summit photo but this time we're with Dad.

Here we're all on the summit of Binsey which is the most northerly fell in the Lake District. The photo is looking south and behind us is Back O' Skidda.
It was nice and quiet on this walk and we saw virtually no one until we got to the summit. As soon as Dad got the camera out they all seemed to arrive like a coach tour had just dropped off. Typically, as soon as we left the summit we didn't see anyone else !

Binsey summit
Checking e-mails

Monday September 26th

Here I am at Baxter's Retreat checking my e-mails.

Although it is our holiday I have to keep on top of all my e-mails or they would soon mount up and become unmanageable.
Now where was I ?

Tuesday September 27th

Here we are with Grisedale Pike in the background.

We had a really good walk today up onto Sail and Crag Hill, then onto Grasmoor, descending to Coledale Hause returning back to the car in Braithwaite via Grisedale Pike. Unfortunately the weather did'nt stay this good and most of the summits were in cloud.

En route to Crag Hill

Monday November 14th

As you know November 5th is Bonfire Night and, while we're sure that everyone really enjoys letting their fireworks off they scare us, and quite a lot of other dogs, stiff ! Last year Mum and Dad took us away for that weekend and they decided to do the same again this year. This year they decided to go to Hendre Fechan cottage just outside Barmouth in North Wales, We weren't too hopeful for the weather as it was November and it was Wales but..........

Yes Widge, it turned out to be a great weekend. We barely heard any fireworks and the weather was very good. On Saturday Dad took us for a walk on Rhinog Fawr (Of course I can pronounce it, remember I'm a Carmarthenshire dog and I can bark fluent Welsh !).

Percy, you're priceless !
But you're right it was a good weekend, it's almost worth having more of those firework nights !

Bennar Beach, Talybont

Sunday November 6th

Here we are on the boardwalk leading to Bennar Beach near Talybont in North Wales. We came down here a couple of times during our weekend away as it wasn't far from the cottage where we stayed. It was a nice big beach with plenty of room for us to have a run AND not many people on it. Wonderful !

In the background is Rhinog Fawr where Dad too us for a walk the day before.

Sunday November 27th

It's a lovely day and Dad has brought us down to Penally beach for a walk. We love Penally as it is so big and we can have a good run and today is no exception.
Here I am admiring the view along the beach towards Tenby.

Widget on Penally beach
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