The Jack Pack in action - 2010

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2010.

This is part of our back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by or from this year, please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

On Amroth beach with Mum

Friday January 1st

Hello again and first let us wish a Happy New Year to you all !

It's New Year's Day again but this year they have got up early (well early for them anyway !) and taken us out for a good walk on Amroth beach.
Here I am with Mum. We had a great time and we walked all the way round to Marros beach as it was a low tide. Just to round a good day off we had a great Turkey dinner when we got home - lovely. Hope the rest of the year carries on like this !

Saturday January 2nd

Oh wow, it has snowed overnight and Dad has taken us out for a good run in the snow around Pembroke. We don't see snow very often but we always have great fun in it and we couldn't wait to get out.
He's even extended the walk to include the nature trail through Holyland Woods where this photo was taken.

A walk round a snowy Pembroke
With Carrot in the snow

Thursday January 7th

It's been snowing again and I just had to get out. So, I picked up my favourite toy, Carrot, and went out in the back garden for a game. I really enjoyed it !
I saw Mum had picked up the camera and I thought she might ike a photo of me so I sat and posed for her. It's not a bad photo is it ?

Friday January 8th

Today Mum and Dad have taken us out for a walk up on the Preselis in North Pembrokeshire and there is absolutely tons of snow there. I've never seen so much snow before.
I have been having a whale of a time but, in places, the snow is deeper than a Jack Russell and it's a bit scary when you suddenly sink in head deep ! It's not so bad for Widget as she isn't as big as me. Here though I've found a nice patch and I've got some speed up. A great day !

Percy in the snow on the Preselis
On Penally beach

Thursday February 18th

After leaving us alone overnight (thankfully we have our lovely Auntie Joy who comes in and feeds us and keeps us company. Woofs and licks, Auntie Joy !) Mum and Dad owed us big time ! So Dad took us out to Penally and we walked all the way down to Tenby and back. A great walk.
P.S. Has Widget gone completely and utterly barking in this photo ? What do you think ?

Sunday March 7th

Today was a really nice day and Dad finally got off his BFA and took us out for a well deserved walk. We went out to Angle and had a walk round the headland.
Here I am casting an eye over what is happening in the Haven. Guard dogs have to be ever vigilent !

Checking out movements in the Haven

Saturday April 24th

We've been a bit quiet lately but we have been out for a couple of good walks on the Coast Path but Dad hasn't managed to take any decent photos of us. Still the big news item is that at long last Mum and Dad have gotten around to booking a holiday - we were beginning to wonder if they'd forgotten. Anyway we're going to Elterwater in Langdale at the end of May. Widget says that Langdale is good walking and that it is Dad's favourite so we ought to get some really good days out there. And a good walk means a good meal as well.

Percy, is there ever a time when you don't think about your stomach ?

Tuesday April 27th

Oh I say, they've gone mad. Absolutely barking !
Here we were complaining that they hadn't booked a holiday and now not only have they booked the week in the Lakes but tonight they've told us that we're going away this coming weekend as well ! Apparently we're going back to Rhayader in mid Wales. We went there for the same weekend last year and had a good time so with luck we'll have an equally good weekend this year. Humans are strange !

Widget at Claerwen Reservoir

Sunday May 2nd

We're back in Rhayader for the weekend. On Friday we had a walk downstream along the River Wye when we got to Rhayader and Dad got very excited about seeing a Red Kite. Yesterday we had a nice walk along the old railway track upstream along the River Wye and today Mum and Dad have brought us out to the Claerwen Reservoir where we've gone for a nice long walk along the track at the side of the reservoir. A nice walk and plenty of opporunity to have a swim. Wonderful !

Sunday May 9th

We're back out at Freshwater West and I've found this amazing stick right where Dad parked the car.
What do you think ? Isn't he a beauty ? I think I've fallen in love, can I keep this one please ?

With a great stick
Ever vigilant, even on holiday

Saturday May 22nd

The long journey up to the Lakes is over and we're in Great Langdale. It's a long time since I last stayed in Langdale and Percy never has.
It looks like Mum and Dad have done quite well as this cottage seems to have all the essentials, we have a nice garden where we can sit in the sun or the shade and, as it's quite high up, I can keep an eye on what's going on - you can't be too careful.
All we need now is a few good walks........

Monday May 31st

Well, we're back home after our week in Langdale and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The highlight was having a swim in Blea Tarn after the hot walk over Lingmoor, that was just what a Jack Russell needed to cool off.
Dad has already put one photo up (see above) and has promised that he will put some more up once he's sorted them out so please come back soon. Hopefully it won't be long until we go away again !

Saturday May 22nd

"Nice walk Dad but it's a bit warm out."
It's our first day and Dad has taken us for a walk over Lingmoor. Here we're having a well earned drink and cool-down dip in Blea Tarn after finishing the ridge.
You can't beat a swim on a warm day.

Swimming in Blea Tarn
Percy ascending Wetherlam

Sunday May 23rd

"Hey Percy. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time."
To be said in an OUTRAGEOUS French accent.
With apolgies to Messrs Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones and Palin.

"Dad, what are you going on about ? Why would a sheep speak in a French accent ? Have you gone totally ga-ga ?"

Monday May 24th

"Percy, don't even think of trying to bomb me."
Today Dad has taken us for a walk in a circuit through Colwith and Skelwith. Here I'm having a lovely swim in this little pool just upstream of Skelwith Bridge.
Another good walk and another lovely swim.

Widget having a swim at Skelwith

Friday June 4th

Dad has now put all the photos up. We had three days of really warm weather but after that it turned cooler and more overcast so he didn't take as many photos and he doesn't think there are any more of us that are good enough. We agree, after all only the best is good enough for the Jack Pack !
He is going to put a few more up on the 2010 Travels page in the next few days but there won't be any more of us just yet.

Percy, BBQ tester

Friday June 4th

Famous last words !
It's a lovely evening and Uncle Bill and Auntie Liz have come over to our house for a barbecue with Mum and Dad.
I've heard a lot about humans getting food poisoning from food not being cooked enough on barbecues so I've offered my services as official food taster. But they just wolfed it down themselves. I'm just not appreciated round here, that's the problem.

Friday June 11th

Since we've come back from the Lakes we've been scratching a lot and we feel very sore so Mum and Dad took us to the Vet tonight (Deep Joy !). It turns out that we've picked up a yeast infection which makes us feel very itchy. The Vet has given us a Steroid injection each (as if Percy needs more Steroids !). He's also told Mum and Dad to bath us in a special shampoo. Oh no, we both hate having baths.
Dad is being very unkind and talking about renting us out to a brewery to use in making beer. Sniff !

Saturday July 17th

It's really warm out today and Dad has taken us out north of the river for a walk around St Ishmaels.
This is another walk we've never done before and we like it, there are plenty of places to have a swim and there aren't many people about.

At St Ishmaels
Stick hunting

Sunday July 18th

It's not so nice out today but at least it is dry.
Dad has brought us out to St Govan's to do an old favourite, the walk to Stack Rocks and back. Here I am down at Bullslaughter Bay with a great find.
"Dad, look at this stick, It's a beaut, can I keep it ?"

Sunday August 1st

Dad has been suffering badly with Hay Fever so we haven't been out much recently. Yesterday he came off his medicine for it with out any problems so today he is taking us out again.
Yippee !

Sunday August 1st

Dad has brought us down to Minwear by Blackpool Mill for a walk along the River Cleddau.
"Dad, do you think Yves St Laurent would be interested in marketing this ?"

I suppose he could have called it "Hum". Bath time for Percy coming up.....

Poopy Percy
A run at Kilpaison

Saturday August 7th

Dad was going to take us down to Freshwater West for a run on the beach but we've never seen so many cars and people down there so Dad went to Plan B.........
....... which is a walk along the shore of East Angle Bay at Kilpaison. This is great because we only saw two people and two dogs
Here I am with the Chevron Refinery (where Dad works) in the background.

Saturday August 21st

Oh No !
Widget is very poorly. She can't walk very well and one of her back legs keeps giving out underneath her. Dad had to take her to the vet the other day and he's got to take her back next week for some X-rays but the vet thinks she's got a slipped disc. in the meantime she's on tablets.

Thursday August 26th

Great News !
Widget has come back from the vet and there was nothing untoward on the X-rays (except that she has an extra rib on her left side - how bizarre !). After a good night's sleep she has been a lot more like her old self. Dad says if she is OK tomorrow he'll take us both out for a short walk after he gets back from work. Roll on tomorrow.....

Friday August 27th

Here I am in Stackpole Woods.

It's Bank Holiday weekend and as the beaches are so busy Dad has brought us here for a walk.
Widget is out for her first walk. She's not running as much as she used to but she's out and enjoying her walk.

Percy in Stackpole Woods

Monday August 30th

Hello everyone !
I've now been out for four walks this weekend and I feel a lot better. My back legs aren't as strong as they normally are but I'm feeling better every day. I'm not sure what it was but it wasn't nice.
Still, to cheer me up Mum and Dad have reminded me that in just over two weeks we're going back to Keswick for our normal two weeks. I can't wait, Percy and I both love the Lakes !

Saturday September 11th

Hello Everyone !
I've been out again yesterday and today with Mum, Dad and Percy and had a couple of good walks and a really good swim in the Castle Pond today. I can now jump up a bit and I am getting stronger all the time. I am really looking forward to our holiday and hope to get some good walks in but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do the high peaks. Percy is getting all excited as well so, let's hope for some good weather !

A walk up Grisedale Valley after the rain

Monday September 20th

It has finally stopped raining and Dad has snuck us out for a walk up the Grisedale valley.
We walked right the way to the old mine workings at the end of the valley and back so, all in all, the day turned out better than we thought at one stage.

Tuesday September 28th

Here we are at Ennerdale Water in the west of the Lake District.
We've had a nice long walk up to the end of the lake and back and here Mum is throwing stones into the water for us to swim out to.
As I've said before I love a good swim and this has been really great for me as I haven' been able to walk as much as I normally would.

Swimming in Ennerdale Water
Walking alongside Haweswater

Thursday September 30th

Boo, hiss ! This is our last day in the Lakes this year. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been as good this year as it has in previous years but no complaints really as we got out nearly every day. All in all a good holiday !
Here, Percy and I are pictured at Riggindale at the end of Haweswater. Dad has never brought us here before but we like it because there aren't many people about. In the distance behind us is High Street.

Thursday September 30th

Here we are with our Dad in the beer garden of the Horse and Farrier in Threlkeld. Mum and Dad stopped to have a beer but at least this time they sat with us in the garden instead of leaving us in the car.
We wouldn't mind so much but they won't buy us a pint as they say we're too young. Jack Russells love a nice pint !

With Dad at Threlkeld
A paddle on Freshwater West beach

Saturday October 16th

We're back home in Pembroke now. It's been really warm the last few days and Dad decided to bring us for a walk on the beach but when we got here everyone and their dog were on the main beach. Fortunately Dad noticed that there was virtually no one on the southern end so we went down there.
Here we're having a nice paddle in a rock pool to cool down after having a good run. Luvverly !

Monday November 1st

Great News ! Mum and Dad know that Percy and I do not like fireworks and there are always a lot in Pembroke so they have decided that we are goign to go away for the weekend.
We're going to Bishop's Castle in Shropshire. Neither of us have been there before so we're looking forward to it. It'll be even better if there aren't any fireworks.

Sunday November 7th

Here we are on the Long Mynd above Church Stretton.
We've had a really good weekend. There were very few fireworks, we had a good walk yesterday on the Stiperstones and now this one on the Long Mynd. We think Shropshire is great !

Burway Hill on the Long Mynd
A run on Freshwater East beach

Sunday December 5th

It has been really cold recently but, unfortunately, we haven't had any snow. As it was so nice this morning Dad has brought us down to Freshwater East.
Freshwater East is an old favourite and the closest beach to where we live but we only get to come here in winter. Fortunately today it's really nice and the tide is out as well so we're having a great run.
Come on Widge, let's go and jump all over Dad !

Sunday December 18th

Here I am above Barafundle beach. It was very cold and it had been snowing the night before but not very much unfortunately. Still Dad brought us out for a walk from Stackpole Quay to Barafundle and back and very good it was too !
Dad keeps on calling me Bat-dog. What is he talking about ?

Batdog above Barafundle
Stick play on Freshwater West

Sunday December 19th

Come on Mum, this isn't fair. That's my stick, give it back.
Mum and Dad have brought us out for a walk on Freshwater West beach, an old favourite. It was really cold today but there was virtually no one on the beach so we got to have a really good run. Yippee !

Thursday December 23rd

Dad's at work and Mum's busy doing work on her website so what exactly is a Jack Russell to do ?
Right, time to examine the inside of the eyelids again !

Merry Christmas everyone from both of us !

Cuddling up at home
The Hurdler

Friday December 24th

Dad has started his Christmas holiday today so hopefully we're going to get lots of good walks. Today he has brought us out to Penally where we can have a really good run on the beach so that's a good start !
Widget has found this stick (although half a tree might be a better description) and here I am having fun by jumping over it while she's carrying it

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