The Jack Pack in action - 2009

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Thursday January 1st

Hello again and Happy New Year to you all !

It's New Year's morning and even though THEY went out and left us last night to do something called celebrating, they don't seem to be holding their heads and groaning this morning. Anyway we've finally got what we've been promised all week - a nice rib each off their beef joint from Xmas Day. Oh boy are we having a having a lovely chew! What a good start to the year ! Now then, where were we..............

In the afternoon Dad took us for a run down on Freshwater East beach. Mum didn't come out with us as she was busy doing something called a new waistcoat pattern which involved lots of sheepy stuff and some clacky needles. It was very cold on the beach - Dad said something about brass monkeys but we didn't see any. Yikes - maybe that waistcoat thing Mum's making is for us. We sincerely hope not - don't want to lose our beach cred!

Widget and bone
Percy and bone
Frozen Bosherston

Saturday January 10th

This is our first proper walk of the New Year. Dad has taken us for walk around the Lily Ponds at Bosherston and onto Broad Haven beach.
We had a good run on the beach but we're a bit confused as normally we go and have a swim here but today we were walking on it. Where has the water gone ? Still it was good fun especially when Percy went skidding past the stick Dad had thrown for him.

Friday January 23rd

For once Dad came home at a decent time from that place that he goes to every day (if we were the suspicious sorts we might think he was seeing another dog !) which meant that we could go out for a good walk and Dad took us to Freshwater West. The beach was smaller than usual (Dad said something about a "tide") but we still had a great run.
Here I am with a great stick that I found. Everyone was watching me so I showed them what a true stickmeister can do ! Look at the style.

Widget and stick on Fresh West
Percy on Tenby beach

Saturday January 24th

This is great, Dad has brought us out to Penally beach. Penally beach is nice and long and we can walk all the way along it to Tenby. This means we can have a really good run here and today is just the day for that.
First of all we climbed up to Giltar Point where Dad took some photos. For some reason he didn't take any of us - bizarre behaviour but he did when we got down onto the beach so that's alright.
Here is Percy at the bottom of the cliifs at the Tenby end of the beach. Doesn't he ever get tired ?

Sunday January 25th

Oh wow ! This is three days running we've been taken down to the beach. This time it is Amroth which is very nearly as good as Penally when it comes to having a run and the weather was equally as good as yesterday.
Percy and I have been off hunting for sticks. Unfortunately there weren't many around, I wish I'd kept the one I found at Freshwater West on Friday. That was a really good stick. Still at least there are some nice rock pools that we can have a paddle in here. I enjoy a good paddle.

Running on Amroth beach
With my stick

Sunday February 15th

Another good weekend. Yesterday Dad took us down to Freshwater West and, while the weather wasn't very good, there weren't many people down on the beach and we had a good long run (even longer than normal, thanks Dad).
Today is a really nice day and Dad has brought us out to Freshwater East and we've had a good walk along the Coast Path to Stackpole Quay and back. A great walk and we both throughly enjoyed it.
Here I am getting stuck in to a really good stick that I found on the way back. What more could I ask for ?

Sunday February 22nd

And another good weekend ! Yesterday Dad took us out to Manorbier and we walked over to Swan Lake Bay where we had a good play on the beach.
Today Dad brought us out to Freshwater West. Normally we go and have a run on the beach but today we've gone for a walk on the Coast Path toward Angle. This was a lovely change and we thorougly enjoyed it. Here we are near Freshwater West on the way back. That oversized excuse for a Jack Russell has nicked my stick again ! If he wasn't so big I'd..........

The Coast Path near Fresh West
Big stick at Amroth

Sunday March 1st

We were a little bit peeved when Dad didn't take us out yesterday and then him and Mum went out in the evening and left us all alone but he's made up for it today.
Today we went down to Amroth but instead of just walking along the beach and back we went up on a path and walked over to Marros beach and then we walked back all the way on the beach. This was great as it was a really long walk and we had a lot of time to have a really good run.
Widget found this stick more or less as soon as we got out of the car. She carried it for a fair way, I was quite impressed, she did well - for an oldie !

Saturday March 14th

Mum and Dad are talking about a holiday again. It's exciting but it's also a bit worrying. Normally when Mum and Dad go away at this time of year they go and do something called skiing and we don't get to go (Boo !) but we think we heard them mention the Lake District and that should mean that we get to go and there'll be some lovely walks.
We're going to try the power of positive thought.........

"Lake District not Skiing"
"Lake District not Skiing"
"Lake District not Skiing"
We'll have to get the packing list out again. So we need Bones, Biscuits, Collars, Leads, Baskets, Food, Mixer, Toys. That sounds like everything we'll need. All we need to know now is when we're going.
That'll make up for the disgraceful behaviour of last night. They went out and when we greeted them on their return all they could do was discuss the correct name for a "group" of Jack Russells. The suggestions they came up with were:

A cacophony
A yap
A bark
A trouble
Anyone would think we make a lot of noise ! Anyway everyone knows it is a PACK and that we are THE Jack Pack.

Wednesday March 18th

Yee-hah, it worked !
Mum and Dad have told us that we're going to the Lake District again. This time we're going to Ambleside. I've never been there before and Widget has told me that she hasn't been there since she was a young pup. So I guess it must be a long time ago !
We're all excited and can't wait.

Sunday March 29th

Widget, have you gone absolutely barking ? That stuff doesn't smell of anything. What's the point of rolling in something that has no smell ?
For for first day in the Lake District Dad has taken us up onto Red Screes. There's still snow up here and we don't see snow very often. A great walk with a bonus. Hope the rest of the week is as good !

On Red Screes
On Wansfell

Friday April 3rd

Here we are on Wansfell showing Dad the way back to the place we are staying in. We know where we're going.
We had a walk around Wansfell to Troutbeck and then back to Ambleside via the summit. Another good walk.
Unfortunately this is the last day of our holiday and we go home tomorrow. Wish we could do this more often.

Thursday April 23rd

We've been a bit quiet since we came back from the Lakes. In the last week or so I (Widget) haven't been feeling too good. I've had something wrong with my hips or rear legs. It hurt whenever I put extra weight on my rear legs and it has stopped me jumping or stepping up. Mum and Dad have been feeding me tablets in biscuits. I pretended not to know so that I got the biscuit. Sometimes I spat the tablet out so I got another biscuit ! A week later and I'm nearly back to normal.
As I was feeling better I thought it was about time for a good walk and then, just to make me feel even better, Mum and Dad told us that we're going away for the weekend next week. Apparently we're going to Rhayader in mid-Wales. We've never stopped there before so we're looking forward to it. Hopefully that'll mean some nice walks.

Saturday May 2nd

Here we are taking Mum for a walk on a hill overlooking the Claerwen Reservoir in the Elan Valley.
On the first day of our weekend away we actually got two walks ! But the first one was only very short as it was very boggy. We weren't worried about that but Mum and Dad are a bit wimpy and don't like getting dirty but the second one here was very good and we got to have a dip in the reservoir at the end too.

With Mum above Claerwen
Near Caban Goch

Sunday May 3rd

On the second day we got a walk in the forest above the Caban Goch Reservoir.
Here I've found this nice stick and, once again, Percy is trying to steal it. Why couldn't he get his own ? There was enough of them about. Still we had another good walk so this weekend has been a hit.

Sunday May 17th

Here we are with Mum on Freshwater West beach.
At last we're back on the beach again but there are people absolutely everywhere and this strange thing behind us. How are we supposed to have a decent run with all these people about ? Mum and Dad say it's because of some bloke called Harry Potter and that after he's finished here some other bloke called Robin Hood is going to be down here on the beach. We don't think it's very funny, this is our beach !

Harry Potter film set
Swimming in a rockpool

Saturday June 13th

Here I am having a nice swim on the beach at Freshwater West.
This time there were a lot of people about on the beach so Dad took us down to the other part of the beach where there are a lot of rock pools and I'm taking full advantage of them. The water is really lovely and I do enjoy a swim.

Saturday June 13th

Here I am having a run on Freshwater West beach.
I'm looking for this Robin Hood bloke because there are people everywhere. If I find him I'll see him off !!!!!

Looking for Robin Hood

Thursday June 18th

We're getting excited again as this weekend we're going back to the Lakes. We're going back to Wasdale where we went this time last year. On that occasion it rained nearly all week and we didn't get too many walks so we've got our claws crossed that the weather will be better this year. Hopefully we'll have some good photos to put up when we get back.

Wet on Irton Pike

Sunday June 21st

Yippee ! Here we are back in Wasdale.
The weather isn't too good but Dad has taken us out onto Irton Pike and we're about to have lunch. After lunch we're going to walk along the ridge a way before heading back to the cottage we're staying in. Not a bad way to start the holiday. If the week continues like this we'll have a great time !

Thursday June 25th

Why do I have to go in the bath when I get back Dad ?
I thought it looked solid but it wasn't. Anyway I think I look quite good like this and I smell good too but Dad doesn't seem to appreciate it.
Still, it's good to get out again. The last two days have been really hot and Dad didn't take us out as he said there wasn't much water for us to drink where he went. Boo !

Half Black now
On the River Esk

Thursday June 25th

Great stuff ! A second walk today.
After this morning's walk on Middle Fell here we are walking along the River Esk. It is quite hot again but that's alright as there is plenty of opportunity for us to get into the river and have a swim and a drink. Here we are havig a discussion over this stick

Percy, we are not having a discussion. I found it and you're trying to nick it as usual.

Friday June 26th

Oh no, it's our last day in the Lake District already. Still Dad has taken us over to the Duddon Valley to climb the Old Man of Coniston (Strange name for a mountain).
Here I am on the summit having a good game with a stone.
Actually, with my businessdogs head on, I think I've spotted a gap in the market. I'm thinking of setting myself up as "Widget Mountainscaping Services". A landscaping service for mountains. Do you think I'm on to a winner ?

Widget Mountainscaping
BIG stick on Fresh West

Sunday July 5th

What do you mean that you think this one might be a bit ambitious ?
Found this stick on Freshwater West beach. Now we're back home the weather is turning bad again.
Pembrokeshire Sunshine, I guess !

Saturday August 8th

Just when you thought it was safe to go anywhere near the water...........

Dad has taken us for a walk from Stackpole around the Bosherston Lily Ponds. Here we are up at the Stackpole Pond having a lovely swim. We just couldn't resist it, the pond looked so good.

Swimming at Bosherston
Time for a dog nap

Thursday August 20th

Well what is a girl supposed to do ?
When the weather is this bad there is virtually no chance of getting a walk so I might as well settle down and catch up on my beauty sleep.
Now, where was I ?

Saturday September 5th

Yippee ! Mum and Dad have told us we're going back to Keswick in two weeks time and we're going for 2 weeks again just like last year. We're going back to the same place that we went to last year, Baxter's Retreat, and we had a great time then so we're all excited. Hope the weather gets better though, Mum and Dad still won't go out if it's raining.
We've still got the packing list. We need Bones, Biscuits, Collars, Leads, Baskets, Food, Mixer, Toys. Better remember to take a lot, just in case.

Saturday September 19th

It's the first day of our holiday and we've gone out for a walk with Dad and our Uncle Steve. We like our Uncle Steve but he is from Yorkshire and half the time we can't understand a word he says !
Here we are on the summit of Skiddaw. Percy is looking for food (as usual !) and isn't looking at the camera. We were in the cloud on the summit but it was a good walk and a great start to our holiday.

Skiddaw summit with Dad and Steve
On Latrigg with Mike

Tuesday September 22nd

Here we are out for a walk with our Uncle Mike this time. Uncle Mike is a Lancastrian and we can't understand a word he says either ! Why can't these people talk English properly ?
This was taken on the summit of Latrigg and it was a bit breezy. We'd walked along the old railway track to Threlkeld and then climbed up onto the summit. Another good walk

Saturday September 26th

Today we're out for a nice walk with Mum and Dad. At least we can understand them, well sometimes we can ........
This photo was taken in the Caldew Valley near Mosedale. We walked up the valley nearly as far as Skiddaw House and back again. We're doing well for walks so far, paws crossed that it will continue !

Walking in Mosedale with Mum
Wash time for the Jack Pack

Sunday September 27th

Here we are having a play with this nice stick that Widget found in this pool after our walk on Crag Hill and Causey Pike. This swimming lark is great for restoring the muscles after a long walk.
The weather wasn't too good today but at least Dad took us out instead of sitting on his backside all day.

Actually this is my stick as I found it and Percy is trying to steal it as usual.

Thursday October 1st

This is the last day of our holiday but Dad has taken us out on a cracker today !
Here I am on the summit of Robinson (Mellbreak and Crummock Water are in the background) and we got here by walking from Rigg Beck over Ard Crags to Newlands Hause and then up onto the summit. First class, now where's lunch then Dad ?

Robinson summit
Foam fun on Fresh West

Saturday November 14th

Here we are back on Freshwater West. But what is all this funny stuff, there's tons of it and it's getting blown all over the beach !
Still never mind we had a good run as usual.

Sunday November 22nd

Oh no ! Mum and Dad went away for the weekend without us. As if that wasn't bad enough when they came back Mum told us that Dad had fallen over while they were away and broke a couple of ribs. Whatever, he can barely walk so we're not going to be getting out much for a while. At least it is the winter and the weather is awful. Just goes to prove what happens when we're not there to keep an eye on them. At least he's going to be at home but what a PLONKER !

Stick thief

Friday December 18th

Here we are in a rockpool on Angle beach and that oversized excuse for a Jack Russell has nicked my stick yet again. I'm convinced he's on steroids, I really think he should be drug tested !
Still we had a good time and the swim was nice.

Monday December 21st

At long last Dad is starting to take us out again.
Here we are having a run and some fun in the surf at Freshwater West. It was a lovely day and it was good to get out.

On Fresh West
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