The Jack Pack in action - 2008

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2008.

This is part of our back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by or from this year, please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

Tuesday January 1st

We wish everyone a Happy New Year !
Here we are out on a New Year's walk with Mum and Dad above Angle. Here we've both found a stick that we are devoting our attention to.
Behind us is the Milford Haven Waterway with a tanker at anchor. Further off is the Murco Refinery and the new South Hook LNG depot. Just visible in the distance are the Preseli Hills.

Sticks near Angle

Sunday January 6th

Mum and Dad took us out for a walk on the beach at Saundersfoot.
Here we are having a race.
Last one to reach Mum and Dad is a softie !

Friday January 18th

At home.
While doing my rounds at home to make sure everything was safe I noticed that the garage door was open. This concerned me as some of our grub is stored in the garage and anyone could have walked in and nicked it. I thought this was a bit cavalier of Mum and Dad. It was obvious to me that someone needed to guard it and, on the basis that, if you want a job doing properly then it is best to do it yourself it was obvious that I would have to stand guard.
You really can't get the standard of human these days !

Guarding the Grub
 Go Percy Go

Monday January 21st

Penally Beach.
Mum and Dad took us out for a walk, it was a bit windy but after all the rain it was great to have a proper run.
Here I am proving that White Dogs can run as well as they can jump !

Monday January 21st

St Catherine's Island, Tenby.
I was enjoying a nice paddle in this rock pool as well as a play with this nice stick that I had found and Percy had to go and muscle in. Typical ! He doesn't even like swimming.

Having a swim
Onmy way Dad

Sunday February 10th

Here we are on Saundersfoot beach.
Dad had gone climbing on the rocks at Monkstone Point to take a photo and I was getting a bit worried so I thought I'd better go back and see what had happened to him !

Sunday February 17th

Here we are in the conservatory at home.
It's nice sat here but when are we going to get a walk ? It's a dog's life !

In the conservatory
Having a run at Orielton

Sunday March 16th

Dad took us out for a walk round Orielton to make up for being a lazy g** and watching rugby virtually all day yesterday.
We've never done this walk before and it was quite good. Most of it was on a track which was nice and muddy - although Dad didn't seem to appreciate it. He can be a bit of a spoilsport at times. Still we had a good run and a great dinner afterwards.
The only minus point was that Dad put us in the bath when we got home. At least they didn't use that funny shampoo this time and no one saw us. A Jack Russell has no street cred when he/she smells like a wuss.

Sunday April 6th

Mum was at something called a "Garden Centre". We thought that we already had a garden so we're not sure what Mum was doing there.
Still while Mum was doing that Dad took us for a run on Manorbier beach and we had a good run and even a bit of a play in the sea ! Great fun.
It even snowed while we were on the beach !

On the beach in the snow
And another swim

Sunday May 11th

Finally ! Dad has finished changing wall colours and other boring things like that and got back to the important things in life such as taking us for a well deserved walk. Mum didn't come with us because she has just had something called an operation (I thought "operation" was the funny singing that Mum does when Auntie Lou comes over. Humans are strange !).
Today Dad took us to Blackpool Mill and we had a walk through the woods to Slebech Park and back. It was quite hot so we had a swim in a pool when we got to Slebech Park.
Here we are having a swim, just the thing to cool you down on a hot day.

Sunday May 11th

On the way back we got caught in a thunderstorm but we weren't scared, we are Jack Russells after all ! Back at the car, we looked like proper roughie-toughie Jack Russells but Dad insisted on drying us off.
At least he didn't put that stuff on us that makes you smell like a mamby pamby Poodle.
All in all a very good day.

Roughie toughies

Sunday May 11th

At long last Mum and Dad are telling us we're going on holiday. It's about time, it's absolutely AGES since we went away on holiday. Wonder if it's going to be the Lake District ? We hope so because going to the Lake District means we get lots of good walks.

A Yorkshire swim

Tuesday May 20th

We're on holiday in Yorkshire ! It's a long time since I've been here and Percy never has.
Mum and Dad finally stopped messing around and took us somewhere where two Jack Russells could get a couple of decent walks. After a day on Whernside which, Dad told us, meant we were the highest dogs in Yorkshire we went out the next day and stopped at Cotter Force near Hawes. Here we found this lovely pool to have a nice swim in. Just right for the legs after the long walk yesterday.
This is already developing into a really good week !

Wednesday May 21st

Here we are on the path back to Clapham from Ingleborough. Even Percy has found a stick so I'm showing him the finer points of stickwork. I'm not hopeful though as I've done this before. Sometimes I must confess that I don't think the stairs go all the way up to the attic !

 Stickwork masterclass
Out with our Mum

Friday May 23rd

Here we are with Mum on the last day (boo !) of our holiday.
We had a nice walk around Wether Hill above Hawes in Wensleydale. (We had a look for Grommit while we were in Hawes but we didn't see him.)
We really liked Yorkshire and we had a lot of great walks during our week there. We also got fed more than normal so we think we should go on holiday far more often.

Stick Thief

Sunday June 1st

Come back Percy you *$*%$*£** !
That overgrown excuse for a Jack Russell has nicked my stick. He's got his own and he's nicked mine as well. After all the training I've given him, this is how he repays me.
Nice walk with Dad though in Stackpole Woods with a nice swim near the end to cool off. Lovely.

Sunday June 8th

Here we are having a paddle on a hot day in a little cove. Just the thing to cool you down. Couldn't find any sticks though......
We went out for a walk with Dad along the Haven from Sandy Haven, just outside Milford Haven.

A hot day
Fresh West stick

Friday June 20th

Look Percy, THIS is a real stick !
Don't even think about nicking it sunbeam. Stand back, watch and learn.
We had a nice walk with Dad along the beach at Freshwater West. All the better for finding this stick.

Sunday June 22nd

Mum does this stuff called knitting.
She asked me to guard this. It's really funny as it smells like sheep and normally her and Dad won't let us go anywhere near sheep.
It's all very confusing but it's definitely safe as no one would dare to steal it while I'm on guard !

Guarding Mum's handiwork

Thursday June 26th

We're not sure but we think we heard Mum and Dad talking about a holiday. It's exciting, wonder where we're going ?
We'll have to get our packing done. So we need Bones, Biscuits, Collars, Leads, Baskets, Food, Mixer, Toys. That's everything.
We're ready, come on let's go......

On the fells in the rain

Sunday July 6th

We're back in the Lake District ! In Wasdale this time.
We love the Lake District because we get lots of lovely walks.
Here I am on the ridge to Irton Pike. It had chucked it down all morning and Dad took us out when it looked like it was going to clear up. As you can see it didn't and we all got very wet but that doesn't matter as we are roughie-toughie Jack Russels. Well Percy and I am anyway.......

Wednesday July 9th

At last a good day and we're able to get out for a good walk.
Here I am on the ascent of Yewbarrow.
I really enjoyed it but I had to keep waiting for Dad and Widget. Still neither of them are young pups any more so I suppose I have to expect it.

What's the hold up ?
Back home again

Saturday July 12th

Back home again.
Time to adopt the position and catch up on some shuteye. Maybe some nice dreams of the holiday and looking forward to the next trip. Hope it isn't long.

Friday July 25th

Dad's taken us for a nice long walk at Llys y Fran.
It was quite hot so we had a nice swim to cool us down near the end of the walk, even Percy had a swim and that is a rarity. Hopefully Dad will bring us here again.

Llys y Fran swim
Raining again

Saturday August 16th

Here we are at home.
It's raining again. This is getting boring. We could do with a good walk but all we get is more rain!
Oh well at least today we got the inevitable "Tour de Pembroke", once round the castle but Dad will insist on wearing his 1980's "Shell Suit". Mum kills herself laughing at it and refuses to come out with us when Dad's wearing it. Are you surprised - electric purple - what was he thinking of when he bought that way back when our grandads were little........
At least he tried to increase his street cred with a genuine Aussie Drover's hat! Don't ask.............still at least we got a walk!

Saturday September 6th

Mum and Dad have told us we're going on holiday next weekend back to Keswick. We went there last year and had a great time so we're all excited. Hope the weather gets better though, Mum and Dad are total wusses and won't go out if it's raining.
We've still got the packing list. We need Bones, Biscuits, Collars, Leads, Baskets, Food, Mixer, Toys. Better remember to take a lot, just in case.
Roll on next weekend.

Walk at Whinlatter

Wednesday September 17th

Yes ! We're back in the Lake District. Lots of lovely walks.
Here I am just below Lord's Seat in the Whinlatter Forest and I've found this excellent stick. This is great fun !

Friday September 19th

Today we went for a nice walk in Borrowdale.
We walked from Seatoller past Castle Crag and came back along the river. Here we are having a lovely swim.
Mum was saying something about "Jaws" which we didn't quite understand...........

Swimming in Borrowdale
Got a bit tied up

Tuesday September 23rd

Dad ! Help, Dad. I seem to have got caught up.
Dad took us out for a walk on Blencathra which was great. It would have been perfect if Dad wouldn't put these silly leads on us.

Sunday November 2nd

Here we are having a nice run on the beach at Amroth.
We had a nice walk yesterday up at Pendine but today is better.
Even Percy has found a stick - but not as good as mine - and it actually looks like he knows what he's doing. Makes a change, normally he just tries to nick mine !
Mum and Dad are talking about going away next weekend. Hope they've sorted out some good walks for us !

Sticks at Amroth
At St Brides

Friday November 7th

Boo, hiss. Mum and Dad have decided that something called the weather forecast doesn't look too good and that we aren't going away for the weekend. After all the nasty noises this week we were looking forward to going away.
Still at least Dad took us out for a walk over at St. Brides. We walked all the way round to Musselwick and back which was great.

Sunday November 9th

It's a wet Sunday in Pembroke.
What's a Jack Russell supposed to do ? Now where were we .......... ?
Dad did actually take us out for a short walk so I suppose it wasn't too bad but later there were a lot of very loud bangs and bright flashes and a lot of rain. It could have been very scary - but not for us, we are roughie toughie Jack Russells after all and we slept through it all ! Honest !

Having a zizz
Where are you Dad ?

Saturday November 22nd

Dad has taken us for a nice walk down on Broad Haven beach.
Here I am in the dunes above the beach. Dad is getting a bit old I think and can't keep up with us so here I am coming back to check that he is OK and can manage the climb.
Perhaps that explains why I'm out of focus.................

Saturday December 6th

After going away last weekend (something about a birthday party which seemed like a poor excuse to us !) we thought Mum and Dad owed us a good walk and they must have been feeling a bit guilty as we actually got one.
We went up to North Pembrokeshire and walked around Dinas Island. It was a cracking day, wonderful for a walk. The path was muddy but Jack Russels don't mind a bit of mud. Here we are with Mum on Pen y Fan.
Do you think those sheep over there would like to meet us Widge ?

Walking round Dinas Island
A run at Penally

Saturday December 13th

Here we are on one of our favourites - Penally beach.
We weren't too hopeful of a walk when we heard Mum and Dad talking about the weather forecast but it was a really nice day. The tide was out as well so there was PLENTY of room for a good run and a bit of a paddle.
We've turned round cause Dad is a slowcoach and we'd leave him behind otherwise. Getting old, I suppose.

Thursday December 25th

Strange behaviour today at home. Mum and Dad sat around the house tearing a load of paper off boxes and things. The last time I had a play like that I got a right telling off.
Still we got a really nice walk this morning down on Freshwater West beach which is unusual for a weekday and we also got a really nice big tasty dinner so no complaints at all.

Where's my resent then ?
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