The Jack Pack in action - 2007

Welcome to the page of photos taken in 2007.

This is part of our back catalogue so, if you would like to see some photos of our travels, exploits and thoughts in years gone by or from this year, please click on the link below for the appropriate year. While you're here, don't forget to visit our individual pages where we tell you a bit more about ourselves. Hope you enjoy them all !

February 4th 2007

Apart from being a truly world class stick carrier I also enjoy a good swim.
This is me on Pendine beach on the same day as the photo of Percy below having a good time in this enormous rock pool.
Not only good fun but it keeps my coat really silky and that's important for a girl.

Swimming on Pendine
With Mum at Pendine

February 4th 2007

Nearly got it ! Maybe White Men Can't Jump but White Dogs certainly can !
Here I am on Pendine beach and Mum is trying to keep my ball away from me.
I got it in the end though and had a real good run, we should do this every day !

July 21st 2007

It's my birthday, I'm two years old today !
Not much of a birthday, I haven't even had a walk yet because "it's raining". They're a pair of wusses, a bit of rain never did anyone any harm.
At least I've got this nice chew.......

My Birthday
Practicing my stick work

August 12th 2007

Marros beach. The Stickmeister in practice for the 2007 Great Lakeland Stick Challenge.

August 23rd 2007

Great day today ! Mum and Dad took us up to the Brecon Beacons. We had a great walk on Carmarthen Fan and then, on the way down, we found this pool to have a nice swim in. Just the thing to cool down after a long walk on a really warm day.
Why can't we do this all the time !

Cool Pool in the Beacons
Canine Tug of War

August 26th 2007

We found this nice stick and had a great game of tug with it.
Another nice walk, this time on the Preselis in North Pembrokeshire.

September 18th 2007

We're on holiday in the Lakes again which means plenty of great walks !
We've been out on Maiden Moor and High Spy today. A really great walk with some wonderful views over Skiddaw and Borrowdale. Just what a Jack Russell needs.

Yeah Widge but where exactly is my dinner ? This really isn't on, I'm starving !

After the walk
On Dale Head

September 26th 2007

Here we are on top of Dale Head with Dad. Dad says that is Skiddaw in the background. Can we walk it tomorrow Dad ? It looks quite good !
Mum asked us to look at the camera but another dog came along. What a nerve !

October 7th 2007

Dad took Widget and me out for a walk round Bosherston Lily Ponds and Stackpole Quay. On the track to Stackpole Quay I found this really nice cow pat, it smelt really good ....
Well, it was just too much for a lad to resist. All the girls would really go for me like this, totally irresistable. Dad's a spoilsport though as he dumped me in the sea and then Mum put me in the bath when we got home. She used some funny shampoo and I smelt like a right wuss when she finished !

Poopy Puppy
Jack Pack warning

October 21st 2007

This was Dad's idea of a joke !
He seems to be implying that we're dangerous. The very idea is preposterous, how can anyone find two Jack Russells like us dangerous ?

November 17th 2007

We all went for a nice run around on Pendine Sands. There was virtually no one on the beach. Heaven !
I saw Dad had his camera out and I knew he'd want a photo of me so I put a turn of speed on !

Look at me Dad
Intercontinental Ballistic Percy

November 17th 2007

Call that a turn of speed ?
This is speed. Funny though Dad doesn't seem to appreciate it when I jump up at him. He just rolls around on the ground in a ball making funny noises and crying.

November 25th 2007

Mum and Dad took us away for a weekend to Kington in Herefordshire.
Percy and I had a game of Chase in the garden - Great fun !
Come on Percy you big wuss. Can't catch me !

Playing Chase in the garden

November 25th 2007

We have lift off.........
Just to prove that the earlier picture isn't a fluke, here I am airborne during our walk along Hergest Ridge.

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