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Since the last update Lilly has settled into our routine and has made herself completely at home. We still miss Widget as she was such a character but Lilly is a character in her own right and we enjoy having her around. September saw our annual trip up to Keswick. The weather wasn't too good but I managed to get walks in on Dale Head, Causey Pike and Skiddaw. We had a day out in the Eden Valley and got around a fair bit in North Cumbria. As usual there was no shortage of decent beer to drink and we paid return visits to the Dog and Gun, Keswick Lodge and the Bank Tavern in Keswick, the Kirkstile, the Kirkstone Pass Inn and the Fish at Buttermere. We caught up with Sue and Rich and Steve so, despite the weather, we had a good time. We're already looking forward to our next visit.


At long last an update ! A lot has happened in the last few months and, unfortunately, not all of it good. We travelled up to Scotland for a couple of weeks holiday at the end of June staying in Glen Clova. On the whole we had a good time but, unfortunately, while we were there we had to have Widget put to sleep. Her passing has left a great hole in our lives but we're grateful for the good times and, at 13 years and 8 months, she didn't have a bad innings.
When we got home we decided to get another dog as company for Percy as much as anything and we found Lilly at Many Tears Animal Rescue near Llanelli. She is a character and it seems like she has been with us for years.
So there are updates on the Jack Pack pages the Travel and the Pembrokeshire pages and on the Pubs pages as well. I have a couple of walks that I enjoyed up in Scotland and I shall add those in the not too distant future.


Great night away in the Swansea Valley. Travelled up to go and see Show of Hands at the Pontardawe Arts Centre and they were superb. Stayed overnight at the Ancient Briton in Pen y Cae which was equally superb. Love to see both Show of Hands and the Ancient Briton again - hopefully soon.


So exactly what can you can expect to find on these pages ?

Walking - There is a load of information on walking, what to wear, where to buy it, how to navigate and what to do if, despite your best endeavours, everything goes "pear-shaped" while you're out in the mountains. There are also routes of some of the walks that we have done and enjoyed, primarily in the mountainous parts of the UK such as the Lake District, Scotland, Snowdonia, Yorkshire and the Brecon Beacons but there are also a load in Pembrokeshire mostly, but not all, on the Coast Path. If you're looking for ideas for your next walk that is the place to head to. We hope you enjoy your walking wherever you go !

Skiing - We have also put some stuff up about skiing including our thoughts on some of the resorts we have been to. The information may be a bit sparse in places, this indicates a need for us to go back and carry out some more research. (All donations will be put to good use - honest !) Unfortunately health issues have meant that we haven't been able to go skiing for a couple of years now so I'm afraid there isn't much new here.

Real Ale - After a good day on the mountains what better way is there to finish it off but finding a good pub and having a good pint of Real Ale ? You'll find a lot of info here about brewing in general and a list of beer festivals but there is also some information on some of the pubs that we have come across and enjoyed in our travels.

Pembrokeshire/Travel - Mostly we spend our time exploring the fleshpots (!) and the wilds of Pembrokeshire. However, sometimes we fire up the polluting device, send an extremely large cheque (or, if we want to go to Scotland, a couple of limbs) to the Chancellor and head off away from Pembrokeshire. Here, typically, we will spend a few days walking/skiing or seeing the sights before the natives catch up with us and send us packing.

Lanchester Polytechnic - During my, mostly mis-spent, youth I (Tony) spent some time trying to gain some qualifications at what was then Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry. In an attempt to embarrass the people who were there at the same time as I was, I have put a few pages up covering my time at the Poly. and our subsequent reunions with some photos.

The Jack Pack
Widget and Percy. Editorial Team, the Jack Pack pages

Now, Mum and Dad do a fairly good job with this website but they don't always get it completely right (we're afraid that it could just be Alzheimer's as they are starting to get on a bit......) so we're here to set the record straight.

On these pages we'll give you a totally accurate and completely unbiased (would you expect anything else ?) take on some of the things written in other parts of this website. We'll also give our opinion on things that are really important in the lives of 2 Jack Russell Terrors Terriers.

(That really isn't very funny Dad !)

So, please go to the Jack Pack pages, after all that's where all the really interesting stuff is !

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