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Rainbow over Buttermere
Rainbow over Buttermere from high on Haystacks
Sugar Loaf, Abergavenney
Sugar Loaf near Abergavenney
Durdle Door, Dorset
Durdle Door, Dorset
The covered bridge at Jackson
The Covered Bridge at Jackson, New Hampshire
Alpe d'Huez
Above the cloud at Alpe d'Huez
Niagara Falls at night
A night view of the American Falls at Niagara
Stiperstones, Shropshire
Stiperstones, Shropshire
Whitesands Bay
Whitesands Bay, Pembrokeshire


If you haven't been here before we hope you'll find what you're looking for and will come back again. We don't bite (unless we're really hungry.......) so feel free to e-mail us - use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page - if you want more information about anything you've seen on these pages.

So exactly what can you can expect to find on these pages ?

Walking - There is a load of information on walking, what to wear, where to buy it, how to navigate and what to do if, despite your best endeavours, everything goes "pear-shaped" while you're out in the mountains. There are also routes of some of the walks that we have done and enjoyed, primarily in the mountainous parts of the UK such as the Lake District, Scotland, Snowdonia, Yorkshire and the Brecon Beacons but there are also a load in Pembrokeshire mostly, but not all, on the Coast Path. If you're looking for ideas for your next walk that is the place to head to. We hope you enjoy your walking wherever you go !

Real Ale - What better way is there to finish off good day but finding a good pub and having a good pint of Real Ale ? You'll find a lot of info here about brewing in general and a list of beer festivals but there is also some information on some of the pubs that we have come across and enjoyed in our travels.

Travel - Mostly we spend our time exploring the fleshpots (!) and the wilds of Cumbria. However, sometimes we fire up the polluting device, send an extremely large cheque to the Chancellor and head off further afield. Here, typically, we will spend a few days walking/skiing or seeing the sights before the natives realise who we are and send us packing.

The Skiing Pages

In recent years we have not been able to go skiing as often as we might have liked. Consequently, the information on the skiing pages is both a bit sparse and, increasingly, more and more out of date. While we have started to go skiing again we will not be going more than once a year and so, I have decided to remove this information from the website.

I am sorry if that disappoints you but there are a lot of other websites out there with that information. Happy skiing !

The Jack Pack Pages.

Now, Mum and Dad do a fairly good job with this website but they don't always get it completely right (we're afraid that it could just be Alzheimer's as they are starting to get on a bit......) so we're here to set the record straight.

On these pages we'll give you a totally accurate and completely unbiased (would you expect anything else ?) take on some of the things written in other parts of this website. We'll also give our opinion on things that are really important in the lives of 2 Jack Russell Terrors Terriers.

(That really isn't very funny Dad !)

So, please go to the Jack Pack pages, after all that's where all the really interesting stuff is !

Lilly and Percy. Editorial Team, the Jack Pack pagesDog Paw graphic

The boring bit.

All images on this website were taken by one of us unless otherwise credited. If you like any of our photos we are delighted for you to download and copy them provided you agree to the following conditions:

  • if published on a website, they should either be credited to us or a link to this website added at the point of use, and
  • they are not used for monetary gain.

If you would like the full sized version of any of our pictures please e-mail us using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


19th March 2018

Addition of a new walk in the Lake District.

6th March 2018

I have updated the Travel pages and Lilly and Percy have brought the Jack Pack pages up to date to the end of 2017.

17th September 2017

Two new walks in the Angus Glens of Scotland, four new walks on the eastern side of the Lake District and five new walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

6th August 2017

Uploaded descriptions of 5 Scottish pubs in the Real Ale pages and Lilly and Percy have brought the Jack Pack pages up to date.

11th June 2017

Wow, an update !

Anyone who has visited this website can't fail to have noticed that it hasn't been updated in a considerable time. Our apologies for that but we have had a major lifestyle change over the last couple of years.......

Having talked about it for a few years we finally decided in early 2014 that the time was right for us to retire. As we were retiring it also seemed like an appropriate time to do something else that we had been talking about for many years and move to the Lake District. In short we felt it was time to live the dream !

We now live near the town of Penrith in deepest Cumbria. Not quite the Lake District if you're being picky but to our mind it has all the advantages of convenience to the Lakes and great transport links without the (admittedly few) disadvantages such as being overrun with tourists and the higher prices.

2 years on from our move, the dust has settled and we have got our house the way we want it. We have had a few health issues as well which, hopefully, are now behind us and it is time to enjoy our new surroundings. At the same time it seems logical to start updating the website.